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One US production company has admitted bribing actors of undisclosed status to perform without protection, while in the UK, three young men performing bareback for the Icreme label in were infected with HIV on the same shoot. Many porn actors survive hustling off the back of their films, and crystal is regarded by some as an essential tool to break down barriers with the client. A few also deal meth to clients to supplement their incomes. It gets deep into you. It’s pervasive, and undermines your spirit as well as your personality. When I’m on crystal I don’t like myself. I asked this one guy how many sexual partners he had had in the past two months and he said Then I asked him how many he had had in the past year.

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Next time you swipe right, you may want to invest in some contraception. As technology and social media continues to escalate, so do the threats to your health and safety. People are beginning to care more about doing the deed than protecting themselves from diseases. HIV infections were up 33 percent, gonorrhea up 30 percent and syphilis up 79 percent.

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Print Gay men using cruising websites and apps are willing to receive information about sexual health on the services, in particular if such promotion is done more passively, aidsmap reports. To reach this conclusion, researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University conducted a survey of 1, men who have sex with men MSM in Scotland who use such sites. Eighty-seven percent of the participants used sexual networking websites, and 56 percent used sexual networking apps. Less than 5 percent of those using websites and 2 percent of those on apps reported using the sites or apps to find information about sexual health.

Eighty-six percent of those using websites said they were fine with someone having a profile on the site whom they could approach about sexual health information if they so chose, compared with 75 percent of those on apps. If such a member of the site or app took an active approach and contacted members directly to promote sexual health, 55 percent of those on the websites said they would approve of such a method, compared with 41 percent of app users.

To read the aidsmap story, click here.


October 24, — 3: Much to my chagrin, the Spartacus Gay Guide still exists. This was the same guide I used when I was 20 backpacking around Europe almost a decade ago. Most urban meccas in both the US an abroad including, Europe and Asia have at least one such bathhouse. Houston, where I formally came from boasts 2. Not all bathhouses are gross.

The purpose of the study was to better understand the HIV epidemic in Rhode Island, looking at online hookup sites among newly diagnosed men having sex with men. As the study detailed, from to , the number of new annual HIV diagnoses declined, from to

HIV statistics for are still being crunched by the federal government, but one thing is for certain: Florida will clock one of the highest — if not the highest — rate for new HIV infections in the nation. One contributor to the increase in STDs is a dating landscape dominated by social hookup apps. The era of free love that ended with the AIDS epidemic is back — and the consequences are the same: A lot of the younger ones are HIV positive and they are fine with it. That has caused a lot of risky behavior.

So how bad is it? Florida in ended up with one of highest rates of new HIV infections in the nation with 5, new cases — up 22 percent from when 4, cases were diagnosed. The state simultaneously has seen a marked increases in the past four years in gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis.

Hookup apps blamed for 60 of new HIV cases in gay men

Spatial epidemiological analyses can inform public health responses in the Deep South by identifying HIV hotspots and community-level factors associated with clustering. The goal of this study was to identify and characterize HIV clusters in Mississippi through analysis of state-level HIV surveillance data. Multivariable logistic regression analyses identified community-level sociodemographic factors associated with HIV hotspots considering all cases.

The HIV hotspots were less likely to include census tracts with residents who had less than a high school education AOR 0.

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Gay Hiv Hookup As recently as , Lindenwood refused to allow a straight alliance to use the word “” in its name; it went by the Spectrum Alliance instead for years.. Without medication, that person could get AIDS, so hes slowly killing someone. So he took HIVinfected blood from the lab where he worked and injected it into his son, infecting him. Browse AFF member profiles, send email messages, view cams, and chat right from your mobile device.

Original Report January 20,: Visalia Dating ” Mede is bought to fight other slaves to the death, as well as to be the stud to impregnate his masters female slaves. In an email, Lawrenz wrote that “this case was thoroughly investigated as quickly as possible. In , a phlebotomist named Brian Stewart apparently wanted to get out of paying child support for his infant son, Brryan Jackson.

But it had been in town not only in the usual ways, but in one spectacularly sensational way. Johnson answered this question sheepishly, proclaiming no knowledge of the film. The police took Johnsons laptop with them.

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A popular gay hookup app has come under fire for sharing highly-sensitive user details with third-party companies. Used by more than million men daily, Grindr has been handing over its users.

Whether or not you agree with the stands AHF and Weinstein take on issues like condoms in porn, the efficacy of PrEP and the effect of hookup apps on STDs, you have to give AHF credit for making us talk about these very important issues. There is strong evidence that use of crystal meth is a factor in HIV infection among gay men in that it removes all inhibitions and makes some men hypersexual.

Not on a dark street corner. Just look on your mobile phone. On the gay hookup app Grindr, headquartered in L. And given the time the app developers seem to spend deciding whether a photo is too sexually provocative which would get their app kicked off the Apple store platform , they should carve out a little time to also scan profiles for images and text promoting meth use. In this social media universe, hook up apps are a great way for gay men to meet others they might not otherwise come across.

But they also are a great way to promote healthy behavior. App developers not willing to do that send a clear signal that they are more interested in making money than keeping their users alive and healthy.

STD Rates Soaring In Florida: How Hookup Apps Play A Part

More than half of gay males on hookup apps are underage More than half of gay males on hookup apps are underage Turns out, more than half of sexually active gay and bisexual boys on hookup apps are under the legal age of ANI May 29, , According to a study conducted by the Northwestern University , although hookup apps require users to be 18 or older, more than 50 percent of sexually active gay and bisexual boys ages 14 to 17 met male sexual partners on apps such as Grindr and Scruff.

It also was common for these teens to use the apps to connect with friends and find new gay, bisexual and queer friends and boyfriends, which sheds new light on who uses adult male hookup apps and why. The study is the first known research to document that gay and bisexual teenage boys use sex and dating apps designed for adult men to find male partners. The apps provide users with a virtual networking space specifically for gay and bisexual men and overcome the need to figure out a potential partner’s or friend’s sexuality.

Gay STD Bears. Browse listings of Member users that have joined Gay Bear Hookup that are associated with STD. Meeting other singles who have similar interests is an ideal way to find things to do once you are dating.

Mind and Body Online hookup sites targeted to reduce the rate of HIV infection New study, the first of its kind, identified websites and mobile apps where individuals newly diagnosed with HIV report meeting their sexual partners Photo by Richard Asinof Dr. Amy Nunn, executive director of the R. She is one of the authors of a groundbreaking new study that connects online apps and websites to new HIV transmission in Rhode Island, with the goal of creating public health messaging around HIV prevention and treatment targeting these sites.

A new study explores the connections between online hookup sites and the risk of HIV transmission, with the goal of creating a new avenue for public health prevention and treatment messaging to slow the spread of HIV. The questions that need to be asked What other kinds of public health studies and interventions would benefit from analyses of online companies? Can the study done in Rhode Island be replicated in other states and at a national level?

Are there opportunities to expand the public health messaging to include drug overdose prevention, addiction, treatment and recovery? Under the radar screen The apparent growing rate of sexual transmission of the Zika virus in the U.

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The 23 year old, a customer service representative for a cell phone carrier, hopes to achieve a very important goal on the upcoming Saturday night. But he shrugs off criticism. Why wait to find out in a year that you have it, when you can just get it, get on the drugs and go on with life.

In an unprecedented summit, representatives of seven gay dating apps and websites met with health officials in San Francisco to launch a plan to fight HIV and reduce stigma using their platforms, according to a press release from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, which organized the meeting using funding from amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research.

Five faculty named to ‘Most Influential’ list February 25, A significant online component Of the 74 new HIV cases in Rhode Island in , three in 10 occurred among men who told researchers they believed they were infected by a man met online. Study authors at Brown University, The Miriam Hospital, and the Rhode Island Department of Health called for operators of hookup websites and apps to work with public health officials to include more prevention messaging.

Study authors at Brown University, The Miriam Hospital, and the Rhode Island Department of Health said companies that produce hookup websites and apps should partner with public health groups, to share public health messages about the risks of sexual encounters arranged online. For instance, sites and apps could provide affordable advertising access to help prevent infection in communities that are most impacted by HIV.

Three in five were gay, bisexual, or other MSM, and of those 43 people, 22 told researchers they believe a man they met online gave them the virus, according to the study published online in the journal Public Health Reports. Study lead author Dr. Philip Chan, assistant professor of medicine in the Alpert Medical School and director of at the STD Clinic at The Miriam Hospital, said the widely used sites are part of the lifestyle and culture among many gay and bisexual men and can lead to lasting relationships, not just health risks.

The goal of the research, therefore, is not to stigmatize sex or men who use the sites, he and Nunn said, but to instead to inspire partnerships with companies to include more information that could slow the spread of HIV. The rate of new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men represents an unacceptable health disparity that absolutely must be addressed. Craigslist and Scruff ads are free, the authors said, but staff at small non-profit or government agencies face logistical challenges in messaging in these venues, such as having to continually repost ads.

The urgency has not abated since , Chan said.

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We are glad to see that you have decided to look at life in a better light by finding other singles like you to share your life and happiness. HIVPeopleMeet is a dating site specifically meant for you and others like you, helping you in your fears and loneliness, and enabling you to find friendship, companionship, and love from a host of other member living with similar problems. When you are tested for AIDS, you can feel rather lonely.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection, or HIV, can lead to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. HIV is sexually transmitted. in the Latino community do not want to ask questions about treatment because they do not want to be perceived as being gay. Hookup sites are “certainly exacerbating,” Coffman-Grey said, but an equally.

There is certainly nothing wrong with someone being public about his or her HIV-status, but by allowing people to identify themselves, at least in part, by this attribute on a public profile, dating apps put pressure on HIV-positive people to out themselves. It’s a tacit promotion of “serosorting,” which is discrimination based on HIV-status. There is the option to leave this field blank and most apps do not allow users to filter members based on HIV-status alone.

However for subscribers who choose not to publicly disclose their status, I suspect it will invite suspicion in much the same way it does when users don’t disclose their age, weight, ethnicity or relationship status. Thus it will have the unintended consequence of alienating users who are honest or choose not to publicly disclose their status. I understand the option to list HIV-status on these apps is a nod toward public health and that is commendable, but I’m skeptical of its efficacy.

There’s nothing to stop someone from lying about their HIV-status in their profile, and so those who are actually honest about being HIV-positive will be the ones to suffer. Any user of these apps knows how downright hateful people can be on them, particularly when anonymous. Those who choose to disclose their status could end up enduring unnecessary cruelty. Their honesty will be punished, and I don’t think we will be any better off than before.

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